5 Reasons to Redo Your Home Lighting

Feel like something in your home needs a makeover? Tired of the monotonous styling scheme at home? If you feel like a change then maybe you can start off with redoing your home lighting. People tend to overlook their lighting schemes and styles when it comes to redecorating and refurbishing their homes even though they play a pretty important part in your home as well. Still not convinced? Well here are 5 reasons to redo your home lighting!

1. Guests will love visiting! 

 They say that the first impression is the last impression. They’re right. When people walk into a home the first thing they notice is the lighting. Match it up to your paint job and furniture now using the thousands of lighting designs available today. Whether you’ve styled it as bright and welcoming or warm and cozy, new light fixtures brighten up your home considerably giving it a modern, fresh look and giving people more reasons to drop by and mingle (and hopefully they bring some food with them)

Guest will love visting

2. You don’t want to be associated with the previous century!

There’s no time like the present and nowadays technology is advancing with the snap of a finger. Continuing with the age old incandescent bulbs from the 20th century equals to a huge wastage of energy, money and they’re terrible for the environment. Incandescent bulbs consume 25% of all light electricity in the world but only produce 4% of electric light! Advanced lighting styles, bulbs, tube lights, lamps, etc. are all highly efficient with low energy consumption and reduced costs as well as being incredibly beneficial to our planet. If you haven’t changed your light fixtures in a few years, then maybe it’s time to do so now.

3. Stand out from the crowd with a twist of a dimmer

Dimmers are quite uncommon due to misconceptions of its price and utility. In fact, dimmers save nearly 90% of energy when you dim a light and you can save up to 10% on your electricity bills with a dimmer! The longevity of your bulb life also increases considerably when using a dimmer as they reduce the wear and tear of a bulb. Not only that, dimmers reduce the strain of too bright lights and help you customize your home as per your mood allowing you to feel like you’re in different places at once. Pretty neat huh?

Dimmer Swtch

4. You don’t have enough lamps

Overhead lighting is the easiest option when considering lighting fixtures for a home, but one mustn’t forget task lighting which basically increases luminescence to better accomplish a specific activity. In one word, lamps. Floor lamps, table lamps, hanging lamps, and many, more are essential for comfortable viewing in your home when you don’t want to switch on your ceiling lights. They provide a more intimate feel, perfect for when you want to sit in a corner and read or study. Lamps also add more individuality to houses as they have many different styles and are an ease for the eyes as well as easy on the eyes.

Lamp in room

5. No Emissions are better than low emissions

LED lighting is all the rage now and emits close to no UV emissions. LED lights last 3 times longer than incandescent bulbs, are highly energy efficient and eco-friendly and are a great investment in the long run where you’ll end up with a much lower electricity bill. LED’s are built to withstand rough conditions and can also function in extreme temperatures. They also run on low voltage supply. In comparison to incandescent bulbs, they are a must when considering modern lighting styles as they are less harmful and highly efficient. They are a perfect reason to redo your home lighting as they add some modernity and efficiency into your home.

Led lamps

Hope these 5 reason helped you understand that if your thinking of Sprucing up your home , then it is time to redo the Home Lighting

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5 easy ways to make your home classy

One of the key factors in setting up lighting in your living room is to know , what lights need to be used. Here is a step by step breakdown of how it can be done Courtesy: Philips Lighting

​Step 1

​Understand the basics of lighting

​General Lighting

Accent Lighting

​Task Lighting

Mood Lighting

​Step 2

​How is General Lighting used? Usually consists of an overhead ceiling light. Additional overhead light can be used to support the single ceiling light. Warm white light is used for having a cozy ambience

​Step 3

How is Accent Lighting used? It is used to define your living space, highlight the features, such wall paintings, murals or décor you might have. It is also used to express your sense of style.​

Use spot lights to highlight a feature or draw attention to your favorite painting

Wall mounted up lights can be used to make low ceilings look higher and wider

Down lights add a dramatic effect that makes the object stand out

Use decorative lamps to create focal points to showcase your panache for living

Step 4

How is Task Lighting used? This type of lighting is used specifically like the term mentions, to do tasks.​

For Eating

For Reading

For Working

Step 5

How is Mood Lighting used? Mood lighting is used specifically to create the right kind of ambiance. It can be used to contrast lit and unlit lights by:

Washing light up walls

Playing with varied colors

Using dimmable lights

that help you set exactly the moods you want

These sets of lights can be used to create the mood and ambiance you choose. You can also have a look at the entire video.

Get your own copy of the "5 secrets that lighting vendors do not want you to know"

Where should we send it?